Dynamic EQ - Essential Production and Mixing Tips

In this video, I explain what Dynamic EQ is and demonstrate some great ways to use it in a mix. It's an excellent tool to help level out your tracks and make your mix sound more professional and smooth. I show how to use dynamic EQ to level out an acoustic guitar performance to make it fit in the mi

The Best Mixing Advice I Can Give

Monitor calibration and acoustic treatment is an expert field, and unfortunately, this leads to most of the information on the topic being overcomplicated, elitist and difficult to apply to your own room. In this video I try to condense the core concepts and give you clear advice which you can apply

How To Use Compression - Detailed Tutorial

Video Notes: 1) Listen to compression when all your tracks are playing, if you can't hear the other instruments and vocals it is usually a waste of time (unless you are highly experienced...in which case...why do you watch my videos!) 2) Often you need compression to make a vocal sound natural i

Are You Using This EQ Trick? Left and Right Channel EQ

In this tutorial, I am going to explore a more advanced mixing concept. It's all about using an EQ which can split the Left and Right channel of the audio you are mixing so you can treat each side with a different EQ curve. It's not something you will need to use often, but it can save a big