• For copyright owner/holder

For copyright owner/holder

Information sheet for copyright holders.

For copyright holders

The soundmain.info information resource is publicly available to users and operates in compliance with the current legislation of the EU.

The administration of soundmain.info does not control and cannot be responsible for the information posted by users on the soundmain.info resource. We do not control the actions of users who can re-post texts and photographs that are the object of your exclusive rights, as well as links to objects of your exclusive rights. Any information on the site is posted by a registered user independently, without any control on anyone's part, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of posting information on the Internet. The administration of the soundmain.info resource has no technical or other capabilities to control user actions.

The administration of the resource has a negative attitude towards copyright infringement on the information resource soundmain.info .

Therefore, if you are the owner of exclusive rights, including:

1. exclusive right to reproduce;

2. exclusive right to public display;

3. exclusive right to communicate to the public.

and your rights are somehow violated using the resource soundmain.info, we ask you to immediately inform the complaint handling service by letter (electronic), in accordance with our recommendations below.

Upon receipt of your message with correctly and fully completed data, the complaint will be considered within a period not exceeding 5 (five) working days. According to the current norms of EU legislation, the administration is ready to consider contentious issues as part of the pre-trial (claim or other) settlement procedure.

If you find any violations, please provide us with the following data:

1. Information about the copyright object in relation to which the violation occurred:

1.1. The name of the product or work is English and other (if there are language versions).

1.2. The official page of the product or work or the source of the text on the Internet (if available).

1.3. For a Legal Entity / Copyright holder of electronic publications / computer programs / databases - A copy of the document on state registration.

1.4. For a Legal Entity / Copyright Holder, audio and video materials - Rental certificate (copy).

1.5. For a Legal Entity / Rightholder of photo and graphic materials - a document confirming the ownership or copyright of the image.

2. Information about the copyright holder:

2.1. Full name of the legal entity. Or passport data of an individual.

2.2. Mailing address. (if the legal and postal addresses do not match, the legal address must be indicated).

2.3. Website of the copyright holder on the Internet (if any).

2.4. License for the right to activity (if such activity is licensed in accordance with the procedure established by law).

2.5. Contact person of the copyright holder (full name, position, phone number, email).

2.3. Details of the complainant.

2.3.1. Full name.

2.3.2. Position.

2.3.3. Phone.

2.3.4. Email.

2.3.5. A copy of the power of attorney to act on behalf of the Copyright Holder (not required if the person filing the complaint is the head of the Copyright Holder's company).

3. Claim data.

3.1. The address of the site page that contains data that violates rights. The link should look like https://soundmain.info/XXXXX

3.2. A full description of the essence of the violation of rights (why the distribution of this information is prohibited by the Copyright Holder).

3.3. Signature of the legality of actions (filled in by hand and sent in a scanned version). Required for every complaint.


I, "Full name", acting on behalf of "Legal name of the copyright holder" on the basis of the power of attorney "data of power of attorney", I certify that all the data specified in this appeal are correct, "Name of the person" (Copyright holder) - is the owner of exclusive property rights, including:

1. exclusive right to reproduce;

2. exclusive right to distribute;

3. exclusive right to public display;

4. exclusive right to communicate to the public.

All of the above rights are valid in the EU, all issues related to the payment of remuneration to the authors of the work are settled by the Copyright Holder, the Copyright Holder is not aware of the claims of third parties in relation to these rights.

In the event of claims against the soundmain.info resource by third parties related to the violation of their rights (including consumer rights) in relation to the deleted/blocked post or gallery.

The copyright holder takes all necessary measures to resolve claims, as well as possible disputes, including litigation. The copyright holder undertakes to settle the claims, claims, or lawsuits of third parties, as well as to fully reimburse the soundmain.info resource for costs and losses (including lost profits, legal fees, etc.) associated with compensation for claims, claims, claims of third parties upon the fact violation of their rights, as well as other claims related to illegal or erroneous blocking or deletion of a post or gallery at the request of the Copyright Holder.

"Date. Signature"

E-mail for claims submission info@soundmain.info

After receiving the request, we will decide to remove the content/materials within 5 business days, subject to confirmation of the exclusive rights to it/them by you. Or involving the User who sent the Content to the project if the data about the user has not exceeded the storage period for data about him, namely half a year from the date of publication.

To confirm your exclusive rights, photos in high resolution .raw format + scanned documents for photographic equipment or any other types of exclusive rights that are described in the EU copyright law can be accepted.

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