365 Surprising and Inspirational Rock Star Quotes

PDF 365 Surprising and Inspirational Rock Star Quotes December 10, 2014

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365 Surprising and Inspirational Rock Star Quotes

We mean it when we say "surprising and inspirational!" This was a bona fide labor of love over several years of picking and choosing not just a quote for every day of your year, but also short, quippy, sometimes stunning bios of over 200 of these guys and gals. Oh, and cool photos! (Especially the one of Ace Frehley, but hey, I'm biased!)Good lead-in so far? But enough of my yakkin, there are a TON of cool quotes, bios, and photos for you inside! Read, dwell, read again! We hope you love it, we do!


For Brian Wilson, Jerry Garcia, Page McConnell, and Geddy Lee, who spoke to my soul and inspired me to become the music-lover I am today.

To Elvis Presley, the first rock star I discovered in this life, and to Gene Simmons, who apparently wanted to be one and reached out and grabbed it. How many Halloweens did I dress as thee?


Now, Before You Get Pissed...


Let us start with a big, loud confession:

There are a LOT of stars and quotes we have missed! It’s inevitable. We’re sorry. There are so many, and if you love music like we do, you—as I would—probably feel slighted in some way that your favorite ROCK STAR might not be included.

So go ahead, get a bit muffed, but work with us—we have put heart and soul into this collection and we hope that will shine through, and hey, we had to stop someplace!

Another thing: verification. We didn’t seek out all of these rock stars and push for written verification that they said these things, and we don’t see that as necessary. Were this an academic thesis, of course we would have, but not in this case. Take for example, Gandhi:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

That famous axiom rings well across the world—in fact it should ring even louder—but it’s disputed that he actually ever said that. In fact, if we could ask Bapu (which means “Father”) if he recalls ever saying that, there would at least be a chance he would not confirm or deny. Heck, Rodney swears his wife tells him things he said a few days ago that he hotly disputes!

So we are quite happy, for our purposes here, to have used, over this last year of developing the book, online sources of quotes that we find reliable enough. We don’t claim to have found new, exclusive things these stars have said, nor did we include any song lyrics, but we do claim to have assembled these quotes in a novel, interesting, hopefully fascinating way, a way that hopefully makes them and the culmination of them new and enlightening or at least entertaining for you, dear reader!

So I hope you’ll agree this collection is not complete. It’s not perfect, but it’s a damn good start, and I really hope you’ll send me your suggestions, and even demands, for the next 365! In fact, we have a similar tome with CEO/business quotes started! Sign up for announcements at www.BiminiBooks.com [shameless desire to connect with you!]

And thank you for buying this book! We sincerely hope it brings many hours, days, years of enjoyment and reflection. Read it however you like—a little at a time, one quote per day for an entire year, or even all at once. This collection belongs to you now. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed assembling it.

What is a quote? A quote (cognate with quota) is a cut, a section, a slice of someone else’s orange. You suck the slice, toss the rind, skate away. Part of what you enjoy in a documentary technique is the sense of banditry. To loot someone else’s life or sentences and make off with a point of view, which is called “objective” because you can make anything into an object by treating it this way, is exciting and dangerous.
―Anne Carson, Decreation
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