Artist Management for the Music Business

Artist Management for the Music Business Copyright Year 2022


Anyone managing an artist’s career needs to be well versed and have a savvy understanding of the moving parts of the music business. Learn how and why those moving parts "move," as well as how to manage and navigate a music-based career.

Artist Management for the Music Business gives a comprehensive view of how to generate income through music and how to strategically plan for future growth. The book is full of valuable practical insights. It includes interviews and case studies with examples of real-world management issues and outcomes.

Updates to this new edition include a new chapter for independent, self-managing artists, expanded and updated sections on networking, social media, and streaming, and a basic introduction to data analytics for the music business.


I extend my personal and deepest thanks to industry professionals and colleagues who helped guide my work on this book. This group of special people includes Cosette Collier, Mike Milom, John Beiter, Tom Baldrica, David Ross, Hal M. Newman, Jeff and Lauren Green, Amy Macy, Christopher Palmer, Paul Fischer, Chad Campbell, Trudy Lartz, David Bakula, Jeff Walker, Troy Festervand, Geoff Hull, Tom Hutchison, Chris Taylor, Richard Barnet, Todd Cassetty, Jon Romero, Jeff Leeds, Lee Logan, Larry Pareigis, Mike Dungan, David Sokolow, Jamie Starling, Charlie Monk, Gloria Green, Joni Foraker, Jeff Izzo, Tandy Rice, Denise Nichols Shackleford, David Sokolow, Clarence Spalding, Jim Beavers, Dan Franz, Charlie Dahan, Nathan Brenner, Paul Stumb, Catharine Steers, David Corlew, Mike Alleyne, Melissa Wald, Michelle Conceison, Shelia Biddy, John Dougan, Erin Enderlin, David Bowers, Lara Zoble, Matthew O’Brien, Hannah Rowe, Craig Bann, Adam Woods, Steve Ray, Scott Hinds, Shannon Curtis, Timothy R. W. Kappel, R. J. Curtis, Faye Gardner, Don Cunningham, and career managers in the music business who have been so generous with their time, their candor, and their insight—plus the countless others I have encountered during my career who have allowed me to learn by being involved in their careers, especially Cindy Campbell-Weese.


This book is intended to be the definitive guide to the student of management of artists in the music business, those artists who choose to manage their own careers, as well as to those seeking to become professional artist managers. Some of the tools developed for this book are found nowhere else, and active artist managers will find them to be helpful planning and organizational tools. The companion website for this book,, is a continuing resource for both the artist manager and artists. The site includes a free directory of artist management firms, advice, and links to help the manager be a more effective manager in the music business. And most importantly, the website is the portal to an online course on artist management based upon this book. Music business veteran and professor at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, Christopher Palmer, developed the course with assistance from videographer Jon Grimson. It is an interactive multimedia experience with you as a student. You learn at your own pace. Visit the website for more information. Information presented in this book has been drawn from the experiences of many scholars who work or who have worked as artist managers, as well as from the author’s career managing people, assets, companies, organizations, projects, performers, and performances. My wish is that the words that follow will be your guide to a successful experience and career in the music business.​
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