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PDF Audio Production Worktext February 25, 2022

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  1. Craig A. Stark
  2. Samuel J. Sauls

Now in its tenth edition, the Audio Production Worktext offers a comprehensive introduction to audio production in radio, television, and film.

This hands-on, student-friendly text demonstrates how to navigate modern radio production studios and utilize the latest equipment and software. Key chapters address production planning, the use of microphones, audio consoles, and sound production for the visual media. The reader is shown the reality of audio production both within the studio and on location. New to this edition is material covering podcasting, including online storage and distribution. The new edition also includes an updated glossary and appendix on analog and original digital applications, as well as self-study questions and projects that students can use to further enhance their learning.

The accompanying instructor website has been refreshed and includes an instructor’s manual and PowerPoint images.

This book remains an essential text for audio and media production students seeking a thorough introduction to the field.


When preparing the tenth edition of the Audio Production Worktext we – like everyone else – were all in the grip of a worldwide pandemic. One thing that was discovered was how easily the worktext fit in with online courses. Whether in printed form or e-book format, the worktext proved to be effective in helping students learn the basic concepts, tehniques, and equipment of audio production. the importance of audio in all media production became very apparent as students studied remotely and created productions outside traditional studio environments. We kept this in mind as we worked on the new edition. We hope readers of the tenth edition will find the updated, modified worktext continues to suit the needs of new audio production students, while also providing refresher material for more experienced practitioners. the instructor website includes PowerPoint images, along with an instructor’s manual containing a sample syllabus, lesson plans, and test bank – all of while have been reviewed and appropriately updated, as well as study questions and resources for student applications. One important tradition we have retained from previous editions of the text is the use of the latest version of Adobe ® Audition ® to discuss and illustrate many production concepts throughout the text. As always, you can download a trial version of the program from, and demo versions of other programs are also available online..


We continue to be indebted to our colleagues at Susquehanna University for their continued support in our endeavor. Many of our friends in broadcasting, education, and related audio production industries provided us with valuable insight and “real-world” experiences, whiду help to make the tenth edition of the Audio Production Worktext one of the best audio production books available: Fred Ginsburg, CAS Andrew Emge, Pro Sound Effects Valerie Geller Héctor Brown, Broadcast Electronics Kimberly Parra, Denee, Inc. , RØDE Microphones/Freedman Electronics Ken Pyatt, SKY Helicopters, Inc. Elizabeth Wadium, Sound Devices, LLC Dawn Marie Benfer, 88.9 WQSU-FM e Pulse, Selinsgrove, PA Steffen W. Silke Peter Baker, Audio-Technica US, Inc. David Via, Zoom North America Edward Dishman, Ned Dishman Photography Nicole “DJ Heat” Mosley, Washington Mystics and Washington Wizards We offer special gratitude to Mihael Saffran, SUNY Geneseo, the final manuscript reviewer who provided thorough input for this edition.​
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