Computational Analysis of Sound Scenes and Events

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  1. Dan Ellis
  2. Mark D. Plumbley
  3. Tuomas Virtanen
Computational Analysis of Sound Scenes and Events

This book presents computational methods for extracting the useful information from audio signals, collecting the state of the art in the field of sound event and scene analysis. The authors cover the entire procedure for developing such methods, ranging from data acquisition and labeling, through the design of taxonomies used in the systems, to signal processing methods for feature extraction and machine learning methods for sound recognition. The book also covers advanced techniques for dealing with environmental variation and multiple overlapping sound sources, and taking advantage of multiple microphones or other modalities. The book gives examples of usage scenarios in large media databases, acoustic monitoring, bioacoustics, and context-aware devices. Graphical illustrations of sound signals and their spectrographic representations are presented, as well as block diagrams and pseudocode of algorithms.

  • Gives an overview of methods for computational analysis of sounds scenes and events, allowing those new to the field to become fully informed;
  • Covers all the aspects of the machine learning approach to computational analysis of sound scenes and events, ranging from data capture and labeling process to development of algorithms;
  • Includes descriptions of algorithms accompanied by a website from which software implementations can be downloaded, facilitating practical interaction with the techniques.

The recent progress on machine learning and signal processing has enabled the development of technologies for automatic analysis of sound scenes and events by computational means. This has attracted several research groups and companies to investigate this new field, which has potential in several applications and also has several research challenges. This book aims to present the state-of-the-art methodology in the field, to serve as a baseline material for people wishing to enter it or to learn more about it.

We would like to thank all the authors of the chapters of this book for their excellent contributions. We gave you hard times by making several requests, many of which were quite laborious to address. We would specifically like to thank those authors who agreed to help by cross-reviewing other chapters to make this book coherent. We would also like to thank the external reviewers, Joonas Nikunen, Guangpu Huang, Benjamin Elizalde, Mikko Parviainen, Konstantinos Drossos, Sharath Adavanne, Qiang Huang, and Yong Xu.

Tuomas Virtanen Mark D. Plumbley Dan Ellis Tampere, Finland, Surrey, UK, New York, NY, USA June 2017
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