Drum like a pro: A Complete Guide on Drumming for Beginners

Drum like a pro: A Complete Guide on Drumming for Beginners COPYRIGHT © 2022 SEGAL TAMA

Drum like a pro A Complete Guide on Drumming for Beginners

Do you want to learn how to play the drums? This book covers the fundamentals of drumming, even if you do not have idea where to begin your journey. This book will help you choose the right equipment for your needs, get started playing the drums, and even read music. Some call it a 'drum set,' while others call it a 'drum kit.' Drums, are an instrument with no right or wrong answer when it comes to how many and which sections you may utilize to generate music...


•Introduction to drumming
•Drum set components
•How to select drum equipment
•Choosing which drums to purchase
•What materials are used to make drums?
•Drum components
•Common drum pads
•Selecting drum heads
•Selecting drum sticks
•Selecting cymbals
•Selecting drum hardwares
•Purchase earplugs
•Getting your drum kit ready
•Putting together a standard right-handed drum kit
•How to wear a drum head
•Drums tunning
•Getting your toms ready
•Snare drum tuning
•Bass drum tuning
•Counting music: the instructions
•How to learn to read music
•Reading music sheets (standard notes)
•How do you read drum tabs?
•How to care for drumsticks
•Beginner drum lessons
•Considerations to make prior to mounting the throne
•How to operate a metronome
•Creating drum beats
•Performing drum fills
•Rudiments in play
•Preparation for drumming
•Drums for practice
•Locating a drum teacher
•Some of the most common mistakes made by beginner drummers...
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