Every Arpeggio Shape You Will Ever Need: Using The CAGED System - For Guitar

PDF Every Arpeggio Shape You Will Ever Need: Using The CAGED System - For Guitar [Print Replica] Format Kindle


Understand the guitar and push your guitar playing to the highest level!

Playing guitar has many stages: you start off learning a few chords, followed by riffs, solos, and then hopefully some songs. The next few months or years are filled with playing anything you can get your hands on. Most guitarists then hit the stage where they don’t know what to learn next. You might spend lots of time looking on YouTube and endlessly searching the Internet for something that will get you to the next level of playing.

We have been through this process and seen endless guitarists hit the same wall. That is why we created Every Arpeggio Shape You Will Ever Need, the second book in our series that is based on the CAGED Method, a simple way of mastering the fretboard and getting you out of the open position.

•167 different arpeggio types, each in 5 inversions (835 shapes in total!)

•Clear diagrams with interval names and fret numbers.

•Featuring Major, Minor, Dominant, Diminished, Augmented, Suspended, Altered Suspended and Altered Arpeggios.

•Easy to read and quick to find each arpeggio.

•All arpeggio formulas detailed in an easy to understand layout.
This book teaches you every arpeggio you will ever need in all five CAGED shapes, allowing you to master the fretboard and helping you to develop and expand your arpeggio knowledge whilst keeping it fun and easy to grasp. Get the book and take your arpeggio playing to new heights. 'Every Arpeggio Shape You Will Ever Need' is ideal for guitarists trying to get to the next level and who like to play, perform and write music.

A book for all levels

Do you struggle playing over chord progressions?

Do you not understand what you’re playing?

Has your guitar playing hit a wall?

Is guitar playing your passion?

If you answered yes to the questions above then this is the book for you! This book is perfect for getting your lead playing and music theory to the next stage, arpeggios are important tools for soloing and creating new parts. Arpeggios will allow you to understand the notes you are playing, which is perfect for learning new songs, solos, riffs and more. Understand intervals in arpeggios and how they alter the sound and name of a chord.

Perfect for all styles of music and will push you to create and perform

This book is perfect for a musician who is looking to be inspired by new sounds. If you write guitar parts, or riffs, solos or anything else this is the book for you. Flick through this book and challenge yourself to play the different shapes and make your songs sound how you want to! Also if you are a guitarist in a band and need a second way of playing a chord progression to give you different harmonies and parts, then this book can make this happen! Have fun with it and keep practicing!

Are you left handed?

The Left handed version of the book will be released soon! Stay tuned.

The perfect partner for our chord book!

Are you an owner of ‘Every Chord Shape You Will Ever Need?’ this book has been created to accompany the chords in this book page by page. Search for the title on Amazon and own the series today!

Get the kindle version!

This book has been enhanced for Kindle, if you own a Kindle, or iPhone or iPad, you can now take this book with you anywhere. Simply select the Kindle version and download straight away today.
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