Finger Picking Guitar Tablature Book 1: Finger Picking Training Exercises Workbook

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Guitar Finger Picking Tablature Book 1 Training Exercises

A brilliant training manual ideal for both
students, musicians and teachers
This has step by step finger picking
patterns that you can see and hear and
play along to in tablature, it is meant for
serious training, but is very easy to use

To be a good finger picker you need to develop finger picking
patterns. Now this is the one area that most people who do fail,
will fail in this area, quite simply because they do not practise good
patterns nor practice the patterns enough.
The key here is Repetition
The patterns need to become spontaneous, and automatic, to
enable highly developed Finger Muscle Memory
You need a variety of useful patterns that develop the finger
mechanics across the board. The ultimate aim I believe is that you
can play ideas you hear for yourself almost instantly because your
fingers know how to find the sounds you are looking for, this comes
from repetition of the finger patterns and of course experience in
playing. This manual is designed to do just that

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