Flourishing in Music Education: Lessons from Positive Psychology

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  1. H. Christian Bernhard II
Flourishing in Music Education Lessons from Positive Psychology

Flourishing in Music Education: Lessons from Positive Psychology presents research, theory, and best practices about potential pitfalls, as well as strategies for how successful music teachers can negotiate issues in the wake of the COVID-19 climate, both on a daily and long-term basis.

Masked and physically distanced classes have been particularly challenging for studio practice and group rehearsals, leading to virtual and digitally edited performances. This concise book is an essential read for those faced with such challenges, addressing key topics including engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, resilience, and hope. Readers are provided with vignettes of struggling and successful music educators, which are then used to examine and consider new techniques and classic reminders for healthy enjoyment of work and life.

H. Christian Bernhard II, Ph.D., is Professor of Music Education at The State University of New York at Fredonia, where he teaches undergraduate courses in instrumental music methods and rehearsal techniques, as well as graduate courses in music education history, philosophy, psychology, assessment, and curriculum.

Series Foreword

The Routledge New Directions in Music Education Series consists of con- cise monographs that attempt to bring more of the wide world of music, education, and society – and all of the conceptualizations and pragmatic implications that come with that world – into the discourse of music educa- tion. It is about discovering and uncovering big ideas for the profession, criticizing our long-held assumptions, suggesting new courses of action, and putting ideas into motion for the prosperity of future generations of music makers, teachers of music, researchers, scholars, and society.
Clint Randles, Series Editor​
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