Hanon for Guitar: Inside Out (Master the Classics! Book 3)

PDF Hanon for Guitar: Inside Out (Master the Classics! Book 3) August 12, 2013

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The Hanon exercises are considered the most vital in developing proper fundamental technique for piano. The third volume of Purple Tiger Guitar's "Master the Classics" series, "Inside Out," is the most ambitious edition you will find of the Hanon exercises adapted for guitar.

Inside Out lives up to its title. We take the first exercise and show you a number of ways to optimize it for maximum guitar technique. Then we provide the tabs for Exercises 2-20.

Here are just a few of the techniques covered by Inside Out:

  • Melodic Development
  • Intervals
  • Position Playing
  • Legato

With literally hundreds of hours worth of practice material that will supercharge your practice and playing, Inside Out costs far less than a single guitar lesson! Add a kick-ass dimension to your knowledge and playing with Hanon for Guitar: Inside Out!


Charles-Louis Hanon was a French piano pedagogue (developer of instrucon methods) in the 19 th century. In the 140 years since its inial publicaon, Hanon’s classic The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises is universally considered a key work in developing fundamental piano technique. Hanon divided the exercises into three groups, with 1-20 considered “preparatory exercises.” They are foundaonal in scope, intended to work on basic mechanical concepts such as finger independence. It is these first twenty exercises that this book will focus on.

Years ago, as I was making that transion from “beginner” to “intermediate” player, I found myself in search of fresh material for technical pracce (which happens at all skill levels). Scales and intervals had been very useful in that regard, up to that point, but I had reached a plateau. Much like a kid in school who learns the test but doesn’t apply the knowledge they’ve studied, I wasn’t finding ways to use those scales and intervals very effecvely.

Most likely, I had come across an interview with some famous shredder or other who had recommended using material geared toward other instruments (especially piano, violin, and saxophone), which led me to the Hanon exercise folio, among other classical works. Sure enough, it worked in several important ways.

First, each exercise is designed to run through the enre scale, one degree at a me, which helps in learning and applying modal theory. Second, rather than running straight intervals or scales up and back, these intervallic variaons provide plenty of melodic material to use and apply to your own playing. Third, the exercises are great for running through the circle of fihs (or fourths). These are all powerful tools that will quickly improve fretboard knowledge and navigaon, all while building technique, theory, and melodic ability, without extra studying.

True shortcuts to advanced technique and knowledge are rare, but the Hanon exercises, properly studied and applied, are exactly that – hundreds or even thousands of hours of technique and knowledge in a relavely short period of me, and a useful part of any well-balanced pracce roune, no maer how advanced the skill level.
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