Introduction to Music Publishing for Musicians: Business and Creative Perspectives for the New Music

PDF Introduction to Music Publishing for Musicians: Business and Creative Perspectives for the New Music Paperback – July 15, 2021

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At a time when artists are independently releasing their own music and acting as their own self-publishers, there has never been a greater need for a simple and easy-to-read introduction to the business and creative aspects of music publishing for musicians.

Written by two musicians and industry pros with decades of experience, Introduction to Music Publishing For Musicians is organized into seven clearly written sections that will help musicians save time and avoid getting screwed. Topics include the basics of copyrights, types of publishing income, publishing companies and types of deals, creative matters of music publishing, and things you need to know about music publishing’s future.The book features:
  • Short digestible chapters written in a conversational tone to keep artists focused​
  • Section-by-section FAQs that expand on key issues that musicians encounter today​
  • Boxed text stories featuring current events to emphasize key concepts​
  • Interviews with top beat makers, collaborators, and more to provide secrets of success​
  • A glossary to help you keep track of important publishing terms​
  • Publishing resources offering to help you place and promote your music​
  • Chapter quizzes and activity assignments to help measure your knowledge​
Bobby Borg and Michael Eames have created a compact, simple and easy-to-read overview of today’s music publishing industry that caters to both students and musicians (songwriters, producers, beat makers, and more) who want quick, up-to-date, credible, and relatable information so that they can get back to doing what they like best: creating music!


Today, when songwriters and artists are independently releasing their own records, the need for an introduction to music publishing written specifically for musicians has never been greater. The Internet is overcrowded with complex and often misleading information, so who better to break down the basics of music publishing today than two musicians/industry pros with a combined seventy years experience in music and education? We (this is Bobby and Michael) are absolutely honored to present this book to you and to be part of your music publishing journey


We would like to thank all of the students, clients, and educational institutions around the world who have read our work, watched our blogs, and/or consulted with us over the last three decades. We would also like to thank the many independent artists who served as test readers of this manuscript and provided their useful feedback.

A big thanks to John Cerullo, Michael Tan, and all at Rowman & Littlefield for their dedication to this project.

Bobby would like to personally thank the source of many of the stories and ideas in this book (former bands, managers, labels, publishers) as well as the institutions who helped him refine his orator skills (USC, Berklee, UCLA, Musicians Institute, and other venues and media). He would also like to thank his mother and family who have been the source of daily support and to Michael Eames for his hard work on this project.

Michael would like to thank his wife Monica Rizzo and son Matthew for their patience and loving support while he and Bobby worked on this manuscript for many months (and many a weekend). The staff and clients of PEN Music Group, Inc. also deserve a huge shoutout for their constant support and most importantly, Michael is eternally grateful to Bobby Borg for allowing him to join in this book project and in all the classes and seminars they teach together.​
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