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PDF Making Radio and Podcasts June 9, 2022

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Making Radio and Podcasts is a practical guide for anyone who wants to learn how to make successful programmes in the digital era. It examines the key roles in audio and podcasting: announcing, presenting, research, copywriting, producing, marketing and promotions. It also outlines what is involved in creating different types of programmes: news and current affairs, music, talkback, comedy and features, podcasts, as well as legal and regulatory constraints.

With contributions from industry experts, the fully updated fourth edition is global in focus and reflects the impact of podcasts and digital radio, including multi-platform delivery, listener databases, social media and online marketing. It also examines how radio stations have reinvented their business models to accommodate the rapid changes in communications and listener expectations.

This is the ideal text for undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses on radio, audio and podcasting, media production and digital media, with broader appeal to professionals and practitioners in the audio industries.​


This is a how-to book for people in, or about to join, the modern audio industries.

It is a practical book that will help you learn to make good-quality, professional radio and podcasts in the face of the many changes facing the industry and help you succeed in your career.

It now has an additional international perspective, some extensively rewritten sections and several new chapters.

The radio and audio industry people who speak to you through these pages will give you practical advice to help you succeed in your career. Yes, there is analysis, thought-provoking commentary and interpretation, but primarily this book sets out to provide a practical approach to making good radio and podcasts in the twenty-first century.

This book is organised in a sequence that can easily be used as a curriculum for training courses: The first two chapters will give you the big picture of where radio has come from and where it is going. Trainers can set these chapters as pre-reading assignments to give trainees context for course discussions. Chapters 3 and 4 give you specialist knowledge of podcasting and the legalities of broadcasting, podcasting and copyright. Then comes the core craft skills of audio production and broadcasting in Chapters 5 to 10, including studio technology, production and presentation. Basic courses can stop at the end of this section. Chapters 11 to 17 cover higher-level and specialist skills from sales, copywriting, audio engineering, research and promotions to programming and news. The final chapter is a technical chapter which will help you identify and troubleshoot transmission and streaming issues.​
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