Mastering Playing Guitar: Solo, Lead & Group Performance

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  1. Kris Gay
Mastering Playing Guitar Solo Lead  Group Performance

Organized in 3 parts, the very first attributes 39 practice sessions ranging from standard first notes to advanced solos.

Hot Lava:
Van Halen’s
Two-Handed Tapping

Lesson 1s “HotLava,” and It is inspired by the song “Eruption” and other tunes by the American rock band Van Halen. The band’s guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, was a big fan of Eric Clapton and Cream from the 1960s. However, he credits his pyrotechnic playing of one-handed hammer-ons to a Jimmy Page solo on the song “Heartbreaker” by Led Zeppelin.

Eddie Van Halen took the concept further by turning the planted fingeron the guitar’s neck Into a modified nut that he could move around for greater range. He also developed two-handed tapping, which transformed the frets into a stringed keyboard and contributed to his phenomenal speed. He was comfortable with large stretches across the neck. Additionally, he pulled hard on the tremolo bar, disorienting his already loud, distorted sound.

Two - handed Tapping

This lesson’s key technique is the two-handed tapping popularized by Van Halen. It’s a variation on standard hammer-ons and pull-offs. The twist is involving the right hand as well.

To try this technique, follow these steps:
1 Start by hammering on the 12" fret on the 2TM string with the index finger of your right hand.
Pull-off to the open string.

Try the same thing with your middle finger and decide which one is more comfortable.
After that, try adding one finger from the left hand: 1 Hammer-on with the 12" fret.

2 Pull-off.

3 Hammer-on to the 5" fret with the I" finger on your left hand. 4 Repeat.

The next step is to try the technique with two fingers from the left hand: 1 Hammer-on to the 12" fret.

3 Hammer-on to the 5" fret with the 1" finger of your left hand. 4 Hammer-on to the 7" fret with the 3“ finger of your left hand.

Finally, repeat this exercise, speeding it up and trying it on different strings. For a visualization of the exercise, refer to the video lesson.
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