Music Mnemonics for Keyboard and Piano, Book 1: Improve your sight-reading effortlessly

Music Mnemonics for Keyboard and Piano, Book 1: Improve your sight-reading effortlessly copyright 2022

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  1. Paul Masterdon
Music Mnemonics for Keyboard and Piano Book 1

Music Mnemonics is the fun and memorable way to get to grips with reading music. We use advanced learning methods to take all the hard work out of learning. Jam-packed with illustrations, this is suitable for young and old alike.

In no time at all, you’ll instantly know and recognise the notes on the page and the keys on the keyboard, meaning you’ll be able to play faster and better… even when sight-reading.

If you’ve been struggling to recognise the notes fast enough when reading music, then this is the book for you. No knowledge of music theory is required.

This book is a follow on to Music Mnemonics which should be read first to understand the system properly. This book then applies the mnemonics described in that book and applies them to the position on the piano keyboard.

Therefore users will not only be able to instantly recognise notes on the sheet music, but they will instantly know where on the piano keyboard any note is.

One of the best things about this method is your brain will learn effortlessly.

We understand half the trouble with playing music is recognising the notes on the sheet music and then the instrument fast enough for the brain to then be able to tell the fingers what to do. That’s why musician Paul Masterdon developed the mnemonics to get the notes deeply ingrained in their brain.

Unlike other systems (e.g. colour coded stickers on keys where the young pianist can get lost when the stickers are removed), your brain will never be dependent on the icons or colours. It will know the notes perfectly well without them as that knowledge will be stuck in the brain and not on the piano keyboard.

In addition to numerous mnemonics, there's some simple sheet music in this book.

Book 1 covers all the natural notes up to 8 ledger lines. Book 2 covers the sharps and flats.

Please note that this book takes what's been learned in Music Mnemonics and then applies it specifically to the keyboard and piano. Therefore, the former book should be read first to get the most from this method.
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