Music Theory for Everyone

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Music Theory for Everyone

Learn music theory today with the simplest, fastest and most effective method available. With this comprehensive course, you will master the essentials of music theory in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

Learn music theory in the easiest and fastest way possible! Avoid the long, boring hours of practice and lessons with thousands of exercises. This course is a short and sweet way to learn about music theory. At the end of this course, you will have learned everything there is to know about melody and rhythm, chords, scales and intervals to start making your music.

Forget about memorising thousands of chords or using chord sheets. Learn with a method that is easy to apply, practical and effective, allowing you to build any scale or chord on the spot like a pro!

We show you all the secrets and tricks, so you can learn to produce and compose music in no time!

We make music theory interesting, enjoyable and practical! Just days from now, you will be able to read and write music accurately and have your library of scales, chords and progressions that you can use in your songs!

About the author: Martin has been teaching and developing Music courses in Music theory and instrumental technic for the past decade. His passion for teaching now goes beyond the classroom. He studied in the Music Conservatory of Music Lopez Buchardo (Argentina) and, funny to say, used to hate Music theory in his early years. Therefore he can truly empathize with his readers. He can read your mind, which, combined with his detailed knowledge of the subject, means you have a key book in your hands. Music Theory has never been put this easy!

why music theory?

Music theory is a discipline that defines and studies the elements that form Music, such as Harmony, Melody, Rhythm, Form and others. Understanding those features will not only help you write Music and interpret what you hear and read, but it will also work as a boost of inspiration to create and develop music once you understand its theory. As Jeff Titon (2016)* said: we make Music in two different ways; physically, when we produce it by singing or pressing the keys on a piano, we also make Music with our minds, analyzing, evaluating, generating and developing musical ideas.
This book’s pages will explore the fundamentals of harmony, melody and rhythm In addition, we will identify elements such as scales, key signatures, intervals, chords, progressions, motifs and devices to modulate and create and develop extended musical pieces.
After reading this book and completing the exercises I propose, you will understand:
  • How to assemble and organize multiple sounds to create Music
  • How to develop musical ideas
  • How to apply criteria to assess and refine technical and expressive aspects of Music

Music is a language, and you will benefit from developing a richer vocabulary In addition, it will help you sight read and perform more accurately, improvise freely and develop a holistic view of Music

how to use this book

knowing vs understanding

You will find many concepts, explanations, and examples throughout this book chapters. After reading these pages, you will know those concepts and might even memorize a few However, knowing something does not necessarily mean that we understand it.

But, how can you get to understand music theory? The answer is simple: Through practice To truly understand Music Theory, you need to read music, write and listen music and create.

I am inviting you to use and practice what you read here page by page. Whenever you encounter a new concept, interval, scale, chord progression or devise for modulation, go to your instrument or daw and play it and write it down. Then listen, compare, analyse and evaluate what you hear. At the end of each chapter, you will find practice exercises. Engage with those to further support your learning and most important of all:
Make a lot of music :)
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