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  1. Simmons Juliana Ph.d
Song Writing For Beginners

Yes, this book is designed entirely to share those secrets that will inspire you to write that great song that you know you can! And once the creativity really starts flowing, we'll create great habits and write even more, each and every day. Get down to writing the music and the lyrics you know that you can because writer's block is a fantasy. You just need inspiration.

Have you always wanted to put your thoughts and feelings into the form of musical lyrics but couldn't quite make the transition? If so, then Song Writing For Beginners. Inside you will find everything you need to walk you through the lyrics-writing process to ensure you go from novice to maestro in no time flat. Writing successful lyrics is all about feeling strong emotions about a person, event or set of circumstances and expressing those feelings in a unique, well thought out way. The rest is simply understanding the proper placement of lines and verse and knowing how to properly expand upon any initial ideas you may have until they form the type of cohesive thought that is easy to set to music. This guide will walk you through all of the particulars in such a way that you can't help but come up with the basic outlines of a song, if not a rough version of the whole thing. Let your inner lyricist out for a spin, consider picking up this guide today.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

  • A breakdown of common song and chorus/verse structures
  • Surefire tips to ensure you make the most of any inspiration
  • Guaranteed methods of improving your word choice for maximum results
  • Specific chapters detailing extra tips for writing love songs, rock songs and rap songs
  • Much, much more!
If you want to develop as a songwriter, possibly even with the goal of going pro, then these are topics you need to think about.


Your average songwriter does more than scribble down a few rhymes and slap on a beat or harmony. Songwriting involves writing meaningful lyrics, developing a good melody, and arranging that lyric to a specific musical style, harmonic structure, and rhythm.

Some songwriters might specialize in one aspect like lyrics or arranging, and then work with a cowriter that balances out their own strengths and weaknesses. Not all songwriters are performers, and many of the Top 40 songs that we hear over and over on Spotify or Pandora are written by an experienced songwriter who then provides their song to top-level talent to record it.

Every jingle that you hear and children’s song that you remember had an original songwriter, even if they have been forgotten for generations. The same can be said for musicals, sacred music, and opera. Anytime a lyric is put to a melody, you can bet that a songwriter played a key role.
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