Sound and Music for Games: Basics of Digital Audio for Video Games

Sound and Music for Games: Basics of Digital Audio for Video Games Copyright © 2022 by Robert Ciesla

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  1. Robert Ciesla
Sound and Music for Games

Grasp the fundamentals of digital audio work in the context of video games including the basics of middleware such as Fmod and Wwise. We will review software such as Apple's Logic and Garageband, Paul Davis' Ardour, and many other popular digital audio workstations.

We will start with an introduction to the basic terminology of digital audio work while also getting acquainted with current generation audio hardware. We will then discuss the basics of venerable Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and how it relates to music composition as well as the tools and techniques for writing tracker music/chiptunes. The book also covers plug-in software, soundproofing at home, and voice work.

The book takes a practical approach when tackling both hardware and software components used in cutting edge audio engineering, composition, and audio monitoring.

What You Will Learn
• Understand the fundamentals of digital audio production in the context of video games
• Learn about audio integration with popular middleware solutions and APIs

• Leverage plugin effects software to sculpt your audio to professional levels
• Identify the modern audio file formats and how and when to use them

• Find out the best practices when mixing sound effects and music for video games

Who Is This Book For
The intended readership includes beginners in digital audio engineering who use Windows, macOS, or Linux.

About the Author

Robert Ciesla is an author from Helsinki, Finland. He has a BA in Journalism from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and an

MA in Intercultural Encounters from the University of Helsinki. Robert has written five nonfiction books. He has a strong background in audio engineering for bands and video games starting from the tracker/chiptune scene in the 16-bit era of the 1990s at age 12.


Many thanks to the Association of Finnish Nonfiction Writers for their support in the production of this book.


This book was written for those with a burgeoning passion for video game music and modern audio technology. We’ll start with the absolute fundamentals of digital audio, moving onto topics like digital audio workstations (DAWs) and the venerable MIDI (Musical Instruments Digital Interface) standard. We’ll then cover the sometimes overlooked genre of chiptunes and retro audio hardware. Finally, we take a gander at the basics of modern video game sound solutions as well as music distribution and licensing.

The purpose of this book is simply to arm you with beneficial knowledge when taking on the exciting challenges of video game audio. Even if you have some previous experience in these matters, you may
find some new and useful information from these pages. After finishing this book, you’ll probably feel more comfortable discussing sample rates, tracker software, and the joys of latency. I hope my book serves you well on your audio producer’s journey.

Sincerely, Robert
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