The BreakBeat Bible The Fundamentals of Breakbeat Drumming by Mike Adamo

PDF The BreakBeat Bible The Fundamentals of Breakbeat Drumming by Mike Adamo copyright 2010

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  1. Mike Adamo
The BreakBeat Bible

The Breakbeat Bible, by Mike Adamo, focuses on the fundamentals of breakbeat drumming as applied to hip-hop. It takes the elements of classic funk and breakbeat drumming and presents them in a systematic way for practice. When mastered, these elements will give the drummer the ability to integrate a complete language of incredibly funky concepts into his or her playing. In addition to the elements and exercises, the book also contains:
  • Complete history of breakbeats including biographies of important drummers and DJs including Stanton Moore, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Premier, David Garibaldi, Questlove, Clyde Stubblefield, J Dilla, Kool Herc, and more.
  • Application of the groove elements in classic breakbeats, including the source of the original beat and the hip hop recording on which it was sampled. For example, a transcription of “Footsteps in the Dark,” by the Isley Brothers, followed by explanation of how the beat was sampled for “It Was a Good Day,” by Ice Cube.
  • Several chapters of breakbeat transcriptions from the 1960s to today. Examples: “God Made Me Funky” (The Headunters/Mike Clark), “Amen, Brother,” “Funky Drummer,” “Apache,” “Express Yourself” (Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band/James Gadson – sampled by NWA in 1988), and much more.
  • Contemporary beats from J. Dilla, Miles Tackett, DJ Shadow. Homer Steinweiss, Adam Deitch, and many others.
  • Beats with drops
  • Dubstep
  • An extensive discography
  • Challenging click track loops for practice.
  • Audio examples of dozens of beats from the book.
  • Sample library featuring 30 individual drum/cymbal sound.
Maybe it’s the drummer’s intent to play the absolute tightest, funkiest, most revolutionary beat possible. Maybe it’s the vibe of the studio session. Whatever it is, the inherent energy of the break carries over to the music that uses the break as a sample. As I began to analyze drum breaks used in hip-hop, I realized that authentically replicating them on the drumset is more difficult than it seems. The exercises, beats, concepts, and transcriptions and take my own playing to the next level. I hope this book will help other players as much as it has been helping in this book are things that P’ve been developing over the past several years. My intention has been to tighten up me. I also hope it brings as much enjoyment to drummers as other books have brought to me over the years.
After all, that’s what it’s all about.
Mike Adamo​
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