The Ultimate Guitar Arpeggio Book

PDF The Ultimate Guitar Arpeggio Book Paperback – April 20, 2020

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A Must Have For Every Guitar Player!​

This book can be used as a learning, reference or practice tool to explore new arpeggios and shapes to enhance your playing.

Starting from the most basic triad arpeggios to the more advanced extended arpeggios such as ninths, elevenths and thirteenths, this book uses the CAGED system to help you play all the possible shapes over the fretboard. All the shapes in this book are movable to any key you desire. There are over 165 arpeggio shapes that can be moved to any of the 12 keys creating over 1,980 possibilities! There is also more than 90 exercises to help you practice and learn the shapes, incorporating ideas such as sweep picking, alternate picking, string skipping and tapping. This book also looks at ways of playing horizontally, vertically and diagonally across the fretboard.

Put together by musician Karl Golden, who has been playing guitar professionally for over 10 years and is now a big influencer in the YouTuber community, with well over 50 million views on his content.

Over 165 Movable Arpeggio Shapes​

This book contains over 165 useful arepggio shapes and that's just for one key! Moving these shapes to all twelve keys creates over 1,980 arpeggio shapes! Using the CAGED system every arpeggio family has five recommended shapes that connect accross the whole fetboard.

Over 90 Exercises To Help You Practice​

This book has over 90 practice ideas to help you learn and practice the different arpeggio shapes.

Sweep Picking Ideas​

This book has lots of sweep picking shape recommendations as well as exercises to help you.

String Skipping Ideas​

There are lots of ways to approach arpeggios other than sweep picking and string skipping is one of them! There is lots of string-skipping exercises you can apply to the shapes.

Tapping & Legato Ideas​

Other more challenging exercises that incoporate tapping and legato ideas are also in this book.

Over 22 Types Of Arpeggios​

  • Major Triad Arpeggios​
  • Minor Triad Arpeggios​
  • Diminished Triad Arpeggios​
  • Augmented Triad Arpeggios​
  • Major Sixth Arpeggios​
  • Minor Sixth Arpeggios​
  • Major Seventh Arpeggios​
  • Minor Seventh Arpeggios​
  • Half-Diminished Arpeggios​
  • Fully-Diminished Arpeggios​
  • Minor Major Seventh Arpeggios​
  • Major Ninth Arpeggios​
  • Minor Ninth Arpeggios​
  • Dominant Ninth Arpeggios​
  • Major Eleventh Arpeggios​
  • Minor Eleventh Arpeggios​
  • Dominant Eleventh Arpeggios​
  • Major Thirteenth Arpeggios​
  • Minor Thirteenth Arpeggios​
  • Dominant Thirteenth Arpeggios​
  • Major Seven Flat Five Arpeggios​
  • Major Seven Sharp Five Arpeggios​
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