The Ultimate Guitar Scales Book: A must have for every guitar player!

PDF The Ultimate Guitar Scales Book: A must have for every guitar player! Paperback – February 21, 2020

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This book can be used as a learning, reference or practice tool to explore new scales and shapes to help improve your improvisational skills or practice routine.

Going from the simplest scales, such as the Minor Pentatonic scale, through to the more complex, such as Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Major and Double Harmonic Major scales. This book explores 3-note per string and CAGED shapes to connect the different scales across the whole fretboard. This book can be used simply as a reference point for shapes to play for certain scales/modes, or to further develop your knowledge and practice routines to become the ultimate guitar player! There are lots of practice examples with tabs. You can download the audio for free on my website (link will be in the book).

You can keep track of your progress with the 20 page weekly practice diary and create your own shapes and changes with empty scale diagrams and tablature at the back of the book.

Put together by musician Karl Golden, who has been playing guitar professionally for over 10 years and is now a big influencer in the YouTuber community, with well over 48 million views on his content.

Over 70 Practice Exercises
Over 70 practice exercises with full notation to help you learn the scales and modes in this book.

Well over 30 Scales and Modes (Movable to all 12 Keys!)​
  • The Major Scale​
  • Dorian Mode​
  • Phrygian Mode​
  • The Lydian Mode​
  • The Mixolydian Mode​
  • The Aeolian Mode​
  • The Locrian Mode​
  • The Minor Pentatonic Scale​
  • The Major Pentatonic Scale​
  • The Blues Scale​
  • The Harmonic Minor Scale​
  • The Locrian Natural Six Mode​
  • The Ionian Sharp Five Mode​
  • The Dorian Sharp Four Mode​
  • The Phrygian Dominant Mode​
  • The Lydian Sharp Two Mode​
  • The Super Locrian Mode​
  • The Melodic Minor Mode​
  • The Dorian Flat Two Mode​
  • The Lydian Augmented Mode​
  • The Lydian Flat Seven Mode​
  • The Mixolydian Flat Six Mode​
  • The Locrian Sharp Two Mode​
  • The Altered Scale​
  • The Whole-Half Diminished Scale​
  • The Half-Whole Diminished Scale​
  • The The Whole Tone Scale​
  • The Harmonic Major Scale​
  • The Harmonic Major Modes​
  • The Double Harmonic Major Scale​
  • The Double Harmonic Major Modes​
  • Bebop Major Scale​
  • Bebop Major Modes​
  • Bebop Ionian Minor Scale​
  • Bebop Ionian Minor Modes​
Also touches on more obscure modes such as The Persian Scale, The Hirajoshi Pentatonic Scale, The Arabian Scale and Scottish Pentatonic Scale.

Useful CAGED and 3-Note-Per-String-Shapes
Easy CAGED box shapes that can be moved anywhere on the neck for any key as well as 3-note-per-string shapes. Don't learn hundreds of unnecessary scale shapes!


With this book I wanted to create a bible of useful scale shapes that will help you unlock the fretboard, starting from the most basic scales to the more advanced and delving into the world of modes as well. So many scale books I have read in the past have hundreds of unnecessary scale shapes that are just repeated in every key. This can be confusing and make players think they have a massive volume of shapes to learn, which they don’t. I have found over my 20 years of playing guitar that it is better to learn shapes in one key that can then be moved anywhere on the fretboard, which is why I have heavily focused on the CAGED and 3-noteper-string (3-N-P-S) shapes in this book. Don’t worry too much if you do not understand what the CAGED system is, I will give you a basic overview of it in this book. The most important thing to remember is where the root note is, then you can move whatever shape you are learning to that position on the fretboard. Easy as pie! To get the most from this book I highly recommend you learn where each note is on the fretboard or at the very least on the low strings E, A and D. There is a full chart of every note of the fretboard in this book to help you. Learning all the notes on the neck will allow you to quickly identify the root note and move the shape according to the chords of what you are playing over. Every scale shape in this book will show all the root notes with a white circle and you will notice that all the shapes connect over the whole fretboard. At one point, if it hasn’t happened already, you will have a eureka moment like I did and realize how the whole fretboard is connected! Guitar is simple maths – we just need to crack the code with practice. I hope you find this book as useful for your guitar playing as I have in making it and don’t forget to check out for free downloads to help you with this book.​
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