1. Soundmain

    PDF Flourishing in Music Education: Lessons from Positive Psychology © 2023 H. Christian Bernhard II

    Flourishing in Music Education: Lessons from Positive Psychology presents research, theory, and best practices about potential pitfalls, as well as strategies for how successful music teachers can negotiate issues in the wake of the COVID-19 climate, both on a daily and long-term basis. Masked...
  2. Tokyo

    PDF Education, Music, and the Lives of Undergraduates: Collegiate a Cappella and the Pursuit of Happines 24 décembre 2020

    Description: The undergraduate years are a special time of life for many students. They are a time for study, yes, but also a time for making independent decisions over what to do beyond formal education. This book is based on a nine-year study of collegiate a cappella - a socio-musical...