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    PDF A Handbook of Diction for Singers: Italian, German, French 3rd Edition

    Now in its third edition, A Handbook of Diction for Singers is a complete guide to achieving professional levels of diction in Italian, German, and French. Combining traditional approaches in the teaching of diction with new material not readily available elsewhere, author David Adams presents...
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    PDF The Oxford Handbook of the Hollywood Musical © Oxford University Press 2022

    Acknowledgments This book is clearly a collaborative work that could never have happened without the cooperation, support, and expertise of a large group of scholars. I am hugely grateful to all the contributors who have offered a chapter here, as well as to the anonymous reviewers whose...
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    PDF The Routledge Handbook of Pink Floyd (Routledge Music Handbooks) 1st Edition

    The Routledge Handbook of Pink Floyd is intended for scholars and researchers of popular music, as well as music industry professionals and fans of the band. It brings together international researchers to assess, evaluate and reformulate approaches to the critical study and interpretation of...
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    PDF The Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio Reprint Edition

    Description: As audiences are increasingly no longer solely listeners but also active producer-consumers, and as video games and other interactive systems increasingly permeate our daily lives, understanding interactivity and its impact on the audience has never been more important. A...
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    PDF The Routledge Handbook of Audio Description 1st Edition Copyright Year 2022

    This Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the expanding field of audio description, the practice of rendering the visual elements of a multimodal product such as a film, painting, or live performance in the spoken mode, for the benefit principally of the blind and visually impaired...