1. Soundmain

    Music Mnemonics for Tenor Saxophone Players: Rapid Sax Learning The Easy Way copyright 2022

    Welcome to Music Mnemonics, the fun and memorable way to get to grips with reading music and learning to play an instrument. We use advanced learning methods to take all the hard work out of learning. In no time at all, you’ll instantly know and recognise the notes, meaning you’ll be able to...
  2. Tokyo

    PDF Learn How to Play Keyboard / Piano With Auto-Accompaniment: A Self Tuition Book For Absolute Beginne Paperback – January 11, 2022

    Description: As the title suggests, this book has been written for absolute beginners who wish to play keyboard using auto-accompaniment and assumes no prior musical knowledge - just the desire to do it! Items covered include: Buying your first keyboard or piano; Reading music from scratch...
  3. Tokyo

    PDF Classical Music 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving Classical Music 18 septembre 2002

    Description: For anyone who is aching to discover classical music, this comprehensive and accessible book is the ideal teacher. Writing in the clear and highly entertaining prose that made Opera 101 the standard text in its field, Fred Plotkin--music expert, teacher, lecturer, and famous...