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    PDF Computer Music Presents The Producer's Music Theory Handbook 2019 First Edition Magazine Single Issue Magazine

    Description: Welcome to the Music Producer’s Guide to Ableton Live, a complete guide to one of the most popular Digital Audio Workstations, as used by top producers, DJs, musicians and bands the world over. Ableton Live is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. Whether you have been using...
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    PDF MUSIC THEORY FOR ROOKIES [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

    Description: This book offers fast and sharp learning techniques to study music theory. By this book, you will understand Staff Notation, Numerical Notation, and Tonic Sol-fa Notation. In addition, the learners will learn basic guitar lessons as a bonus.
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    PDF Music Theory and Composition: A Practical Approach 26 janvier 2018

    Description: Music Theory and Composition: A Practical Approach presents a pragmatic, accessible approach to music theory through an emphasis on melody and counterpoint. This focus explains the "why" of musical construction more clearly than the traditional approach of beginning with chords. By...
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    PDF Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology - Volume 7 Baritone/Bass: Baritone/Bass Book Only 1 octobre 2019

    Description: (Vocal Collection). A collection of songs from the musical stage presented in their authentic settings, excerpted from the original vocal scores. There is no duplication from prior volumes! Contents: THE BAND'S VISIT: The Beat of Your Heart * Haled's Song About Love * BEAUTY AND...
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    PDF Sound and Reason Synesthesia as Metacognition 2022-06-15

    Description: Draws on varied authors and disciplines, covering philosophy, musicology, literary studies, linguistics, and psychology. Contributes to a broader as well as a deeper understanding of the relationship between music and human cognition. Integrates linguistic and mathematical...
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    PDF Polytempic Polymicrotonal Music: The Road Less Traveled September 8, 2022

    Description: This book introduces polytempic polymicrotonality as a new musical aesthetic. It proposes music with more than one microtonal tuning system and discusses examples from the literature to give an historic framework showing that this tendency has been present throughout human musical...
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    PDF Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology - Volume 7: Soprano Book October 1, 2019

    Description: (Vocal Collection). A collection of songs from the musical stage presented in their authentic settings, excerpted from the original vocal scores. Contents: AMAZING GRACE: I Still Believe * AMELIE: Times Are Hard for Dreamers * Tour de France * Sister's Pickle * ANASTASIA: In My...
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    PDF Auditory Interfaces August 3, 2022

    Description: Auditory Interfaces explores how human-computer interactions can be significantly enhanced through the improved use of the audio channel. Providing historical, theoretical and practical perspectives, the book begins with an introductory overview, before presenting cutting-edge...
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    PDF The Mind's Ear: Exercises for Improving the Musical Imagination for Performers, Composers, and Liste 1 janvier 2013

    Description: The Mind's Ear offers a unique approach to stimulating the musical imagination and inspiring creativity, as well as providing detailed exercises aimed at improving the ability to read and imagine music in silence, in the "mind's ear." Modeling his exercises on those used in theater...
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    PDF Musical Revolutions: How the Sounds of the Western World Changed June 7, 2022

    Description: The invention of music notation by a skittish Italian monk in the eleventh century. The introduction of multilayered hymns in the Middle Ages. The birth of opera in a Venice rebelling against the church’s pious restraints. Baroque, Romantic, and atonal music; bebop and cool jazz...
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    PDF Musical Encounters with Deleuze and Guattari Jan 12 2017

    Description: This is the first volume to mobilize encounters between the work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari and the rich developments in cultural studies of music and sound. The book takes seriously the intellectual and political challenge that the process philosophy of Deleuze and...
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    PDF Brazilian Research on Creativity Development in Musical Interaction 8 juin 2021

    Brazilian Research on Creativity Development in Musical Interaction focuses on creativity that involves interactive musical activities, with different groups, such as professional musicians, students, and student teachers. It seeks to present research with a theoretical foundation on musical...
  13. Soundmain

    PDF Thinking In and About Music: Analytical Reflections on Milton Babbitt's Music and Thought Relié – 1 mai 2021

    Preface After all, the way you think about music is the way you hear music. You can’t possibly separate knowing how and knowing that or thinking about and thinking that and thinking in. —Milton Babbitt, interview with Charles Amirkhanian Milton Babbitt was, at once, one of the twentieth...