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    Renegade Snares: The Resistance And Resilience Of Drum & Bass Volume copyright © 2021

    Renegade Snares is the definitive book on drum & bass music. Pieced together using original interviews conducted with all the scene’s main players, it traces the history of jungle/drum & bass from its early roots in sound system culture and rave music right through to the present day. With its...
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    PDF First 50 Solos You Should Play on Snare Drum October 1, 2021

    (Drum Book). The First 50 Solos You Should Play on Snare Drum includes 50 snare etudes, orchestra excerpts and contest solos, highlighting a variety of skills, stickings, and rudiments. The selections are presented in progressive order, from simple to more challenging. Includes: Bolero * Echoing...