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    PDF Spatial Sound: Principles and Applications 1st Edition

    Spatial sound is an enhanced and immersive set of audio techniques which provides sound in three-dimensional virtual space. This comprehensive handbook sets out the basic principles and methods with a representative group of applications: sound field and spatial hearing; principles and analytic...
  2. Can You Mix In Headphones? Closed vs Open Back for the Best Sound

    Can You Mix In Headphones? Closed vs Open Back for the Best Sound

    In this video, I answer the 3 most common questions about mixing and mastering in headphones 1)Can you mix well in headphones and what are the pros and cons? 2)Which Ohm headphones should I use 3)Are Open or Closed-back headphones better for mixing and mastering
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    PDF Musical Theatre for the Female Voice: The Sensation, Sound, and Science, of Singing 1st Edition

    Female musical theatre singers produce some of the most exciting and expressive singing an audience can experience. They also face a unique and specific set of issues when approaching their craft, from negotiating the registers of their voice to enable them to belt, to vocal health challenges...
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    PDF Asian Sound Cultures Voice, Noise, Sound, Technology Copyright Year 2023

    This book examines the meanings, uses, and agency of voice, noise, sound, and sound technologies across Asia. Including a series of wide-ranging and interdisciplinary case studies, the book reveals sound as central to the experience of modernity in Asia and as essential to the understanding of...
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    PDF Sonic Bodies: Text, Music, and Silence in Late Medieval England (Sound in History) Copyright © 2022 University of Pennsylvania Press

    What is the body when it performs music? And what, conversely, is music as it reverberates through or pours out of a performing body? Tekla Bude starts from a simple premise—that music requires a body to perform it—to rethink the relationship between music, matter, and the body in the late...
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    PDF Music for Film and Game Soundtracks with FL Studio 11 Abril 2022

    Create and compose production-quality music with the power of FL Studio 20 along with MuseScore and Wwise Key Features Develop widely applicable music composition techniques and create full orchestral scores Leverage the power of FL Studio to create your own production-level soundtracks Use...
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    PDF Immersive Sound Production A Practical Guide Copyright Year 2022

    Immersive Sound Production is a handbook for the successful implementation of immersive sound for live sports and entertainment. This book presents thorough explanations of production practices and possibilities and takes the reader through the essentials of immersive sound capture and creation...
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    PDF God in Sound and Silence: Music as Theology June 22, 2018

    Music, by its indeterminate levels of meaning, poses a necessary challenge to a theology bound up in words. Its distinctive nature as temporal and embodied allows a unique point of access to theological understanding. Yet music does not exist in a cultural vacuum, conveying universal truths, but...