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    PDF Music Theory for Everyone Copyright © 2022 Martin Alejandro Islas

    Learn music theory today with the simplest, fastest and most effective method available. With this comprehensive course, you will master the essentials of music theory in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. Learn music theory in the easiest and fastest way possible...
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    PDF The Arithmetic of Listening: Tuning Theory and History for the Impractical Musician © 2019 by the Board of Trustees

    "Tuning is the secret lens through which the history of music falls into focus," says Kyle Gann. Yet in Western circles, no other musical issue is so ignored, so taken for granted, so shoved into the corners of musical discourse. A classroom essential and an invaluable reference, The...
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    PDF Fundamentals of Music Theory First Edition

    Preface Welcome to this resource! We are so pleased to share these open licensed educational materials, in which we deal with the building blocks of musical stave (sometimes known as staff) notation, a globally recognised language that is designed to communicate musical ideas. The particular...
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    PDF The Theory of Sound, Volume One (Dover Books on Physics Book 1 2nd Édition, Format Kindle

    Description: "An outstanding treatise." — Review of Scientific Instruments "Astonishing how this treatise … still retains a place of preeminence in modern acoustical literature." — Electronics Industry The major work by a Nobel Laureate who was among the greatest of 19th-century physicists is a...